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Discover our Hormone Therapy resources and services for prescribers at Gulfcare Pharmacy! Uncover a range of comprehensive offerings tailored to meet your needs, including expert consultations, educational materials, and top-quality hormone therapy medications.

Prescribing HRT

Interested in Prescribing More or Learning How to Prescribe HRT?

Brad, our dedicated pharmacist, is equipped with expertise as a Certified Hormone Replacement Therapy Specialist. He offers invaluable assistance with HRT prescribing, providing personalized one-on-one patient consultations and clinical and prescription recommendations.

To enhance your prescribing experience, Brad has many helpful resources such as a Women's Health Compounding Reference Guide booklet and HRT Prescription Pads, which are available upon request. Additionally, he is available for both Zoom or in-person meetings at your convenience, right in your office. Let Brad empower you in your HRT prescribing journey and ensure your patients receive optimal care.

Protocols and Prescription Forms

  • Female BHRT Protocols
  • Women’s Health Compounding Reference Prescribing Booklet
  • Medical History Forms
  • Personalized Prescription Pad Templates (including many specialties)

Individualized Consult

  • One-on-One Consults with our Clinical Pharmacist
  • Patient to Pharmacist
  • Receive prescriber to Pharmacist patient case reviews
  • Order Lab Tests (including Saliva and Blood spot testing)
  • Review and Interpret Lab Results with Us
  • Customized prescription recommendations

For prescription pads fill out the form below and we will get back to you ASAP during business hours.